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1.  What is the temperature range inside the Smarty domes?

Depending on the level you set the Smarty at the range is between 74 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

2.  How high can the core body temperature be raised through the use of the Smarty?

It was tested and found that the core body temperature can be raised to 39.5C (103F) using the Smarty.  Of course this varies with each individual and must be monitored closely by a physician.

3.  What is the resonance of the far infrared rays?

The rays have been measured at between 5 and 20 microns, the human body emits rays at this same rate. When electromagnetic rays meet the waves emitted from our cells, they resonate against each other and as a result, warm our bodies from the depth.

The Smarty radiates waves in length nearer to that of waves we emit.

4.  What makes the Smarty different from other personal saunas?

The Smarty is the only personal sauna that has the patented black carbon heaters.  Black carbon is made from charcoal which is an organic material, and is truly suitable for the human body which is carbon based.  Most other far infrared heaters use inorganic materials, such as ceramics.  The Smarty’s black carbon heaters emit far infrared waves at a wavelength designed to match that of the waves emitted by the human body.  In doing so, the Smarty’s waves more exactly resonate with the human body.  As a result, the positive impact of the waves is much stronger than with other types of far infrared saunas.

5.  How many heaters and where are they located in the Smarty?

There are a total of 5 black carbon heaters in the Smarty.  There is 1 at the shoulder area, 1 at the waist, 1 at the hips and thighs, 1 at the legs, and 1 at the feet.

6.  How long should I use the Smarty?

It all depends on what you want to accomplish.  To achieve a good sweat and cleanse the body of toxic elements at least 30 minutes should be sufficient.  If you want to experience a true hyperthermia treatment then it is recommended a time period of about 40 minutes at high power. The Smarty should be used daily.

7.  What is hyperthermia treatment?

Hyperthermia treatment is basically inducing an artificial fever through heating the body which helps ward off viruses and other potential diseases.

8.  How long does it take to warm up the Smarty?

You should pre-warm the Smarty for approximately 3 minutes in summer, and for approximately 8-10 minutes in winter.

9.  What effect do the different ranges or power levels of the Smarty have on the body?

Low (green) Range:  If you have been instructed to not take a hot bath, use the Smarty at the low range.  It is still efficient to have thermotherapy and not sweat with low level far infrared rays.  At this level you can use the Smarty as a “blanket”.  Set the timer for continuation and you can relax and sleep through the night.

Medium (orange) Range:  After 30 minutes at this range the body will have the same effect as if you did a 30 minute walk.

High (red) Range:  After 40-60 minutes at this range the body will be excreting about 1000cc of sweat from the sweat and sebaceous glands.  It is possible to excrete up to 470 and more pico gram dioxin in that 1000cc of sweat.  Remember you will also be ejecting other harmful chemicals or toxins that have accumulated in your body at this range.

10.  Will I need to shower after using the Smarty?

No there is no need to shower after using the Smarty.  After bathing in the Smarty simply rub your body with a damp towel to refresh and then dry off and you’re ready to go.

11.  Why should I use the Smarty?

While we are enjoying this convenient and comfortable modern life, toxic chemical substances accumulated through food, water, air, etc. are damaging our health.  Fortunately our body’s cleansing system is able to expel these wastes from our body, and with the Smarty we can greatly enhance the effectiveness of this process.

Because of the modern technology of Smarty’s patented system you will not only sweat from the sweat glands but also from the sebaceous glands.  The sebaceous glands are where your body stores chemicals and other toxic elements you come in contact with.

The Smarty treatments will help soften your skin and help many skin ailments.  The Smarty will increase blood circulation which rushes healthy nutrients to all of your organs and make these organs healthier.

You can effortlessly achieve a healthy and splendid body through using the Smarty every day.  You will understand Smarty’s comfort and benefits after just one use!

Fujika Smarty Warranty

1. Period of Warranty:

The SMARTY is covered under manufacturer’s defects for two years from the date of purchase. If the SMARTY fails during the warranty period, the manufacturer will repair the unit,  with the stipulations stated below. Please make sure you keep your original receipt so you can send a copy if you need to take advantage of the warranty.

2. If your SMARTY needs repair during the Warranty Period:

You should contact the dealer who sold you the SMARTY.  That dealer will evaluate the problem with the SMARTY to determine if it is covered under warranty. You will then be given shipping information to ship the parts of the SMARTY that need repair.

3. Items not covered under the warranty

The SMARTY is not covered under the warranty for issues caused by misuse, improper storage, improper installation, operator error, rough or improper operation and handling, user error, or other damage  caused by the user’s actions to include any actions the user may take to repair or dismantle the SMARTY. The SMARTY is not covered for damage caused by natural disasters.

4. Tranportation and Shipping Charges

Warranty claims do not include shipping and handling.


Link to Smarty Owner’s Manual

Smarty Manual

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