Introducing The Fujika Smarty!

A Revolutionary Health Care System for Whole Body Health!

Please consult your physician before purchasing

Introducing the Fujika Smarty   the premier personal dome sauna since  1980

The SMARTY is superior to other dome saunas as it:

The SMARTY is NOT like any steam or dry sauna. It’s a unique whole-body experience!

The Smarty is a personal sauna that has patented black carbon heaters. Black carbon is made from charcoal which is an organic material and is truly suitable for the human body, which is carbon based.  The Smarty’s black carbon heaters emit far-infrared waves at a frequency designed to match that of the human body. As a result, the positive impact of the waves is much stronger than with other types of far infrared saunas.

Smarty technology has been used effectively in Japan for over 30 years!

Benefits of the SMARTY:

Hyperthermic Therapy

Begin using the device for one month with very low far infrared (FIR) radiation power for mild radiant heat thermo-therapy.  The low FIR power level falls under the green zone on the analog controller and under the green colored numbers on the digital controller.

After about one month, you can increase to the middle power level, which is located on the orange colored numbers.  Thermo-therapy is still effective with low FIR power level bathing without sweating as an alternate treatment for those with poor health and unable to withstand the higher level powers. With the low FIR power level you can enjoy and use the device for many hours or throughout the night. It is not always necessary to sweat with the SMARTY.

For Shoulder Stiffness, Neck Stiffness and Lumbago.

Please select the SMARTY sweat bathing mode. For a digital type controller, select red number 6 for the large dome and red number 7 for small dome. With the analog type controller, select red zone 7 for large dome and red zone 8 for small dome. Enter the sauna and bathe for 20 minutes; 30 minutes if you would like a heavier sweat. After bathing, wipe down your body with dry towel then wipe with wet cold towel.  When your skin is dry, wear a gown to prevent your body from cooling down and massage your body.  This method is very effective in relieving stiffness or lumbago.

For Whole Body Beauty.

Healthy skin comes from healthy body. This means Health and Beauty cannot be separated. SMARTY may help and support both your health and beauty through whole body bathing. It is said that turning point of beautiful skin is the beginning of aging. The sweat from the sebaceous glands helps to increase skin metabolism. At the same time, the sweat activates the secretion of the sebaceous gland which creates a smooth skin surface by the regeneration of the skin cells.

An effective way of SMARTY whole body bathing is to set up most comfortable FIR power to enter the sauna for approximately 60 minutes of bathing. Important: Please do not use the sauna at maximum power.  Through low power SMARTY bathing, you can also sweat from the sebaceous gland which will expel dirt and waste materials stuffed in pores of the skin. Cleansing the skin allows the organ to breathe, releases stress and re-balances the secretion of hormones. Accordingly, you may experience lustrous and elastic skin.

Weight Loss.

Using Smarty Sauna as an aid in your weight loss journey can be effective but is not a proven method for weight loss.

For Fatigue Recovery and Prevention.

Long hours of work or sports activity can make body fatigue accumulate until it becomes chronic fatigue. This chronic fatigue can increase body pain and accelerate aging. You can receive recovery from fatigue with SMARTY bathing at the middle FIR power level.

It is recommended to take SMARTY bathing for 20 to 30 minutes with high FIR power level. In addition, bathing promotes energy reproduction as it increases blood circulation to aid in in recovery. With continued bathing from 1 week to 10 days, chronic fatigue may disappear and the body will feel recharged and overall strength improved. 

For Lack of Exercise.

Use Smarty for 40 to 50 minutes bathing on the middle FIR power level. Without sweat bathing is almost same as walking.

For Stress Relief.

The Carbon Black Emitters installed in the SMARTY can help to offset this balance and aid in the return to equilibrium.  For stress relief and to recover autonomic imbalance, take SMARTY bathing with face down for 10 to 15 minutes first, then face up for 20 minutes. After bathing, wipe off sweat with cold wet towel then repeat bathing for 20 minutes. Repeat the procedure an additional 2 times as this accelerated hot and cool stimulation is extremely beneficial.

For Good Sleep.

If you are a shallow sleeper or have a hard time falling asleep, the SMARTY whole body bathing may be helpful. For a better night’s sleep, bathe with the middle power FIR level on until sweat runs and go out. Wipe sweat off using a cold wet towel, then go to bed. Bathing with the middle power FIR level on can alleviate nerve tension to produce a more restful sleep.  At the high power FIR level, the body temperature may become too hot making it difficult to fall asleep.  Because of this, it is recommended to take SMARTY bathing on the low power FIR level.

Important: If you are instructed not to take a hot bath by a doctor, please don’t use the SMARTY for sweating purposes.

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