The Smarty far-infrared sauna’s deep, penetrating heat provides us with a sense of comfort, a mental and physical sanctuary while the far-infrared waves help to directly kill bacteria especially those closer to the surface of the body. The effects of the rapid detoxification that happens with far-infrared (much more-so than conventional style sauna) gives the body a greater chance at full-body healing as we sweat away the toxins that served to lower our immune systems in the first place.

Out there in the world right now, there are a myriad of FIR sauna companies making many promises that they cannot back up and that is too bad. There is much deception in the FIR market as less scrupulous companies try to “cash in” on a growing health trend. It saddens me to see people go for cheaper models that are all over the internet, not knowing what they are getting – do the emitters give off the correct frequency of FIR? Is the unit fully electrically tested and approved by the various agencies that oversee such things? These are the things that people need to know about, not to mention finding out how long the company has been around. In the last 5 years scores of companies have manufactured substandard FIR products, set up shop on the internet, promising lifetime warranty, cashing in with unsuspecting buyers and then closing up shop only to re-form under a different business name.

We give these warnings not because we want you to purchase your far-infrared sauna from us, but because the last thing we want to see is people get burned buying a substandard product, one that may be doing you more harm than good. Sure, it might warm you up, but is the frequency of far-infrared emission the correct frequency?

The owner of this company spent time in Japan researching this product. The Japanese have been using this technology for many years. We joined with Fujika because they were willing to do the testing and get UL approval and we have been working with them for years We have shipped this product all over the US, shipping them to happy customers from Washington State to Washington, DC. If you find yourself reading this article because you are thinking of purchasing a FIR sauna or are just curious as to what a FIR sauna can do for you and your family’s health, contact us. We want to see people feeling their best. The potential for healthier and more comfortable living is within all of us. We would be grateful for the opportunity to help you along your way!